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21 October 2012 @ 08:28 pm

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NASA Academy 2012 Documentary by dm_5032d216239c7
07 August 2012 @ 12:34 am
Well, it's been awhile. It's been so long that the internship is actually over now! I lost track/interest of the blog towards the end, and then I got pretty sick during the last week, which made catching up impossible. I'm at home now, and am trying to collect my thoughts from the trip. So once I get settled in, I'll make a final wrap post about the whole experience and maybe catch up on the couple of weeks I omitted. Cheers!
16 July 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Today, I very nearly finished my poster at work. Yay! Looks like I'm a lot farther ahead than most people. Andrew is only 25% through with his data analysis so he may not sleep tonight :( Jonathan's poster looks epic, and Chai Latte's is coming along pretty well too.

When I went to the Environmental Chamber to check out my assembly in all it's installed glory, there was a couple of guys filming in there. They talked to me about what my assembly is, what it does, etc, and then asked if they could film me fiddling with it. So, I fiddled and got very sweaty under the hot lighting. Zach decided to come in at this time and was very confused as to why I was starring in a movie and we aren't even in Los Angeles yet.

We did talk a lot about our Los Angeles itinerary though. I will be in his van (Dan thought this out fairly logically) and we're going to  Dryden, Space X, Boeing Satellite Systems, JPL, HoneyBee Robotics, USC Aeronautics Lab, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, La Brea Tar Pits, and probably some other places in between. It's super packed and there will not be a lot of sleep or hanging out on this one. We've got 6:00am wake up times almost every morning - actually, 4:30am on Sunday. Luckily Saturday is our relaxed day and we will get to sleep in.

After work, I picked up a brisket baked potato from Ted's BBQ, inhaled it, and promptly went into a food coma. Alas. Then we had the wrap session, where there was more California talk. The most amusing story came from Jacob, who apparently had to get a posterior steroid shot today because of an infection on his arm, went to McDonalds to heal his bruised ego, lost his cell phone, tried to get everyone in the McDonalds to text his cell phone so he could find it, found out that he'd thrown it away, and then was forced to hamburgler the entire trash can and run off with it before anyone could argue with him.

I...I'm not sure how much of that story is true.
15 July 2012 @ 08:22 pm
Yeah, this has been pretty slow.

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After that, we went to eat at Waffle House, which turned out to be two separate Waffle Houses. Everyone took naps, then we played the longest round of Bang! ever, in which Dan and I eventually were the last two standing. Despite the game being long, I'm pretty proud of how awesome I played it. Steve and Andrew came over to my "solace dorm" of sorts, and worked on posters.

Sunday: Poster editing day for most people; video editing day for me. I went out to Best Buy and bought a 750 GB external drive because I've positively filled up my 250 GB. This summer has been jam packed with footage. I made steaks and shared them with Steve, Alex, and Andrew.

This week - California! Dan has got a super packed week for us planned out in Cali.
08 July 2012 @ 05:09 pm
Saturday: Andrew left super early for Skydive Alabama, where he wanted to complete his second AFF jump. He got in at 8, intending to be done by 10. Thus, I left at 10 for the waterpark at Point Mallard in Decatur, halfway between Huntsville and Skydive Alabama. I had fun, but Andrew didn't get to jump until after 2:30. Poor thing was in a hot hanger all day, and never got to join me at the waterpark. I got home around 4, and Andrew, Jacob, and I went to Longhorn. Mmm, steak and salad.

Meanwhile, Alex and Ford went to find the river on base, and did a bit of swimming. Kelsey, Steve, Darcy, and Jonathan were all out of town. Dan's girlfriend Claire was in town too.

Jacob completely obliterated his cell phone, and I guessed exactly how it happened (to his...shock and awe). It basically fell onto the treadmill at the gym and shot completely out of the back, which sent it plummeting over the 2nd story balcony and onto the tile floor below. Ouch. So, the three of us went to one of those "liquidation sales" full of cheap Chinese crap and stolen electronics, to possibly find him a new cell phone. He didn't find anything, but I bought a cheap bikini and some hair pulls.

Afterwards, there was a lot of Bang! and a bit of Betrayal. I showed everyone how not to eat an orange, Hosek got blown up by dynamite (even in a different game, people still get blown up) and we all killed Alex's deadly dragon.

Sunday: Ford went to Skydive Alabama, and he also completed his second AFF jump. I slept in late, then went to Five Guys with some of the gang. The rest of the day has been spent watching Netflix Instant movies in the study lounge, with people writing their abstracts (not me, mine has been done ^_^), and me editing a lot of tape. Back to work tommorrow, and California next week...
Wednesday: Yay, a day off! Happy 4th! Of course, it started as a bit of a downer for me, because the whole Academy made chocolate chip pancakes together, but the message didn't get to me. However, after some guilting, Jonathan showed up at my door with a pancake later that day, so yay, pancakes.

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Today was an abbreviated day at work. I continued assembling and insulating my project, and got some RTV silicon stuff on my elbow, which wouldn't really come out by washing and now I look exactly like I just skinned my elbow. Awesome. We left at 11 to go to a fireside chat. It was supposed to be center director Gene Goldman, but it turned out to be our Academy director, Frank Six. Frank talked for a good while about his life, in a much more personal light than all of his other speakers. We've been rooting for a fireside chat with him for weeks now, so it's good this worked out.

When I got back to work, I did a bit more insulation before Zach informed me that everyone has been dismissed after 2:00 because of the holiday. I left early and got in a good nap, after eating a sandwich from Newk's. It was really yummy; the place is like a nicer McAlister's with a smaller menu. At 5:30 we had an evening speaker - Barbara Gordan - who is a planetary scientist. She worked on the Mars Rovers and gave us a good lecture about their construction, missions, progress and future.

After the lecture, we carpooled down to Bridge Street to see The Amazing Spider-Man. The movie was good, but what I will always remember more is the fact that Jacob got vomited on by the little girl behind him about halfway through the movie. It was so bizarre, he barely realized what had happened when it did, and why his arm was suddenly sticky and wet. Ford was especially oblivious, turning to us and asking, "Do you guys smell pulled pork?"

Needless to say, I missed the entire sewer fight between Lizard and Spiderman out of hysterical suppressed laughter.

Unfortunately, our whole row smelled like regurgitated hot dogs for the latter half of the movie, and I had to keep remembering to breathe through my mouth.

I drove Andrew, Steve and Dan home and we got into a heated discussion about why I don't care for the Lord of the Rings. They are really bad at accepting other people's tastes, which isn't news, but still. They're also kind of bad at understanding the difference between "Michelle thinks _____ sucks" and "Michelle doesn't care for _____" because they are two completely different things. Not interchangeable at all, really.

At least we can all unanimously agree that getting puked on in the middle of Spiderman sucks.
03 July 2012 @ 12:14 am
Jacob and I are doing the weekly summaries for this week, so I have to be sure to keep up with the events of every day. So what happened today...

Apparently, abstracts are due in a week. We just now found this out, but because I anticipated this, I went ahead and wrote one last week. However, I had to do some major work on it, so I did up a decent draft and sent it to Morgan. Of course, once I got the internships' requirements for it, it turns out the one I sent Morgan is really not that great. I explained more theory and less what I've actually done. And alas, Morgan is on vacation too.

Zach and I realized we have ten business days to work on MePA before my poster is due. Ten. We haven't even gotten the thing insulated yet and we have to have testing completed and analyzed before July 23. Wednesday is the holiday, next week is a normal week, but I (and Zach as well, if he chaperones our trip) are off to California for most of the following week. So even if we did finish the assembly, there would be no one to actually run the testing while we're both gone. Somewhere in there, we need to schedule a Test Readiness Review and actually get that completed before we can even begin testing. Pretty hectic.

Andrew and I cancelled our Nashville trip that we were planning for the free weekend. Sad day.

In the afternoon, I took a nap. I probably should have gone to the gym cause I haven't been in a couple of weeks and it's starting to show. Jacob hasn't been in awhile either, so one of these days we just need to drag each other. Our weekly wrap session contained a very entertaining summary of the Orlando trip by Alex and Vintage Matt. Then the meeting went on. And on. And on. Mostly about Orlando reflections. It went on so long that we decided to postpone our viewing of When We Left Earth and play Bang! instead. Austin is out with his friends tonight so I didn't feel guilty about staying up a little late with my gang :P

Before then, I bought Dominos pizza and it was too much food, so Chai Latte, Andrew, and Dan inhaled the rest. I remembered that I bought a bottle of cherry limeade last week, so I brought it and the red SOLO cups out. It's pretty much like liquid Jolly Rancher. Some people called it crack. Jacob brought more of those tribble cookies that we still haven't managed to work our way through yet, and we still did not manage to finish tonight. I found out that Alex stole a pepper shaker from somewhere, which is pretty stupid considering he gave me flack for weeks about stealing a pen. Now we're even, Alex!

We had a few rounds of Bang! that all came down to me and Dan vs Jacob, in which me and Dan were incredibly incompetent at actually killing Jacob, even when he had no cards. Thank God for dynamite.

Tommorrow - Friday! On a Tuesday! Fireside chat, evening speaker, and the Amazing Spiderman...and probably more Bang.